Are You Coming Out Stories (Coming Soon)

Coming out as LGBTQ isn’t just one moment, it’s complicated:

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  1. I came out to my parents in a very calm way. I had already come out as bisexual to all my close friends in school and outside of school as well. I found that the easiest way was to casually bring it up in conversation, and if I felt unsafe based on their reactions, I brushed it off as a joke. A lot of people still don’t know I am LGBTQ+ and that is OKAY. My parents were absolutely fine with it, as long as it didn’t affect my studies, (I’m just about to take my GCSEs next year), and are supportive of me. Once I came out, I found that a lot of people who I didn’t know were also LGBTQ+. There are some people who are extremely homophobic in my school, and I don’t recommend coming out if you aren’t sure it’s safe. You do not have to tell everyone at once, just do what you’re comfortable with. love you 🙂

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